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Bellingham escorts on Chlamydia

Sometimes we like to give out certain projects here at the Better Sex Guide, and this week we have asked Bellingham escorts in  to investigate the most common STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease). Some STD’s are more common than other, and we have asked Bellingham escorts to give us some background information as well asked them to find out which is the most common age group to pick up STD’s. We often presume that STD’s are easily cured, and we may even forget to use protection during moments of passion. However, the truth is that the condom can easily prevent a range of STD’s.

Bellingham escorts found that the most common STD is today Chlamydia and it was interesting to note that this disease is common in all age groups. Many free and single people in their 50’s and 60’s also pick up Chlamydia as they do not use protection. They may for instance not be concerned about pregnancy, but they may forget that condoms prevent the spread of STD’s more effectively than anything else. Even if you are not likely to get pregnant anymore, it is just as likely to that you will pick up a Sexually Transmitted Disease such as Chlamydia. On further investigation, the Bellingham escorts found that Chlamydia does not have a lot of symptoms. For instance, a lot of ladies with Chlamydia may suffer from a vaginal discharge but presume that they have thrush, and by an over the counter remedy. If you find that you have thrush like symptoms that will not go away, it might be a good idea to get yourself tested for Chlamydia. The doctor or nurse will take a swab test and send that away. If it is found you have Chlamydia, you will be prescribed antibiotics, and a test will once again be carried out.

Bellingham escorts would like to stress, that it is also important that you contact your other sexual partners, and tell them that you are suffering from Chlamydia. Men will almost be symptom free but they can certainly be carriers say Bellingham escorts. This is why it is so important that you do get treated as soon as possible. Going forward it is really important that you use sexual protection when you have intercourse. Condoms do not only prevent pregnancy but they also prevent the spread of STD’s, and that is possibly the most important job of condoms. I think that is a really important point but I did ask Bellingham escorts what happens when you meet a partner who does not want to your condoms, what do you then? All of the Bellingham escorts that I spoke to were of the same opinion, they simply said to say no to your partner. If he is not prepared to use a condom, you are not prepared to have sexual intercourse with him. It is really just as simple as that. Bellingham escorts are right. We need to look at STD’s and condoms in a totally different way. They can at the end of the day be a life saver!…